Bob:  You know John, we prefer someone who is bilingual. Actually, the 2nd tongue is not important; we just like the cachet of being a multilingual multinational…mellifluence sells…so does clean humoure.

John:  Bob, sorry I addressed you backwards, if I may, I would like to singularly showcase my double tongues. May I employ narration do to so?

Bob:  Yes, do make this a storied interview.

John:  I awoke and got on my bi-cycle and pedaled down the road. There I came to a fork as the road bi-furcated. Bi-tuminous or Anthracite, which coal to behold? I decided to follow the path a bit softer and that has made all the difference. My bipologies to Mr. Frost.

Bob:  Tri-mendous John, welcome to our newest bi-linguist!

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